When it comes to our wellbeing (that’s psych talk for feeling healthy and happy) there’s one thing I know for a fact – our psychology (what we think, feel and do) matters. The habits we form, the choices we make, and the perspectives we take, all make a huge difference to how we feel.

I want to help you learn the psychological tools, tricks and strategies to live a healthier happier life.


“Day by day, what you do is who you become”

– Heraclitus


I can’t promise you that you will feel healthy and happy every moment of every day because let’s face it life gets tricky and things happen that are outside of our control.

But every single one of us has the ability to learn, to grow, to find ways to better deal with the ups and downs of life and to get back on track when we lose our way.

I know this because, apart from the nine years I spent training as a Health Psychologist and the work I do with clients, I am also a lifelong student figuring it out for myself as I go. I practice the strategies and I see and feel the benefits in my own life. I’m not perfect, and I’m not expecting you to be either, but I do my best and try to learn from my mistakes.

Life is short and we only have one shot at it so lets make it the healthiest and happiest we can – I’m right here with you.